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Occupational Medicine Tutorial

Occupational Medicine Tutorial

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Why a Tutorial in Occupational Medicine?

In the Occupational Medicine section of PCMI, you were tasked with identifying potential health and safety hazards related to workplace environments and suggesting preventive strategies. The format of the course provided you with an opportunity to visit a range of workplaces. These walk-through evaluations were followed by debriefing sessions moderated by occupational health professionals. The focus of PCMI was on population risk and prevention. In PCMII, you turn your focus upon the evaluation of an individual patient. You are provided with an opportunity to interview a patient with actual occupational disease. You are tasked with obtaining a pertinent occupational and environmental exposure history that indicates disease causality in your patient. Knowing how to obtain a relevant occupational and environmental history has broad applicability across a number of medical specialties. Effective integration of these skills into your clinical practice will enable you to provide better care for your patients, address root causes, and help distinguish you as a physician. This web-based tutorial helps you prepare for the patient encounter that you will have during the formal session.

Educational Objectives

Upon concluding this tutorial, you will be familiar with:

  • The scope of work-related disorders
  • The components and importance of the occupational history
  • You will:
    • Learn strategies to obtain a detailed occupational history in different clinical settings
    • Recognize that occupational diseases are reportable to public health agencies

This exercise was developed by:

  • Franklyn Farrell, MD MPH
  • Marc Croteau, MD MPH
  • Anne Bracker, MPH CIH

It is designed to last about 30 minutes. Have fun!