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Occupational Medicine Tutorial

Occupational Medicine Tutorial

Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Listed below are a few potential exposures of note that occupational and environmental medicine attempts to address in order to maintain health and prevent disease.

  1. Biological Agents:
    • Fungi (Aspergillus, Stachybotrys)
    • Virus' (HCV, HBV, HIV)
    • Bacterial (Legionella)

  2. Physical Hazards:
    • Radiation
    • Mechanical Stressors
    • Thermal Stressors
    • Psychosocial Stress and workplace organization: (shift work, demand-control, workplace, home, etc.)

  3. Chemicals Agents:
    • Solvents, Acrylates, Resins, Pesticides, Petroleum products
    • Toxic gases and asphyxiants

  4. Metals/SemiMetals:
    • Arsenic
    • Mercury
    • Lead
    • Nickel

  5. Mineral dusts: Asbestos, Silica, Coal