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Malignancy and Diet: Correlation between breast cancer and diet

Eric Addo, MSIV

Dear Third and Fourth Year Medical Students,

Welcome to my tutorial page on Malignancy and Diet: Correlation between breast cancer and diet. My selective project serves to assess third and fourth year medical students' current knowledge on nutrition and its subsequent relation to malignancy risk. I am working closely with my principal investigator, Dr. Alex Merkulov, Section Head of Women's Imaging, to provide medical students with effective and coherent guidelines on dietary intake and breast cancer risk.

My study is aimed on educating medical students on important dietary modifications that may be beneficial for high risk cancer patients. I have developed an online tutorial that will provide students with a background on the interplay between diet, hormonal balance, and risk for breast cancer. This tutorial will aid in supplementing medical students' knowledge regarding nutrition and cancer risk, as well as assess students' baseline competency in nutrition and disease processes.

Participation in the tutorial is completely voluntary. All response to the survey will be de-identified. Using a unique code, all information will be kept anonymous. The student will take a pre and post powerpoint survey that will determine the effectiveness of the powerpoint presentation. Your submission of pre and post survey will be your consent to participate in the survey. Please complete the pre powerpoint survey. Then, when you have finished the presentation, begin the post powerpoint survey.

Thank you again for your participation. If you have any questions or concern, please email me at

Thank you,

Eric Addo, MSIV Student Investigator

Alex Merkulov, MD Principle Investigator, Section Head of Women's Imaging



Please use Internet Explorer as the tutorial does not operate correctly on Google Chrome or Firefox. Thank you.

Please complete the pre-tutorial questionnaire first. You may then proceed through the online case-based tutorial, and upon completion, close the window to return to this page. You may then complete the post-tutorial questionnaire.

Unique Code:

In order to link the pre and post powerpoint survey, please create your unique code in order to de-identify your information. Then write this code in the space next to “Identifier”.

A.) Take the first three letters of your mother’s maiden name. (Ex:JOHNSON= JOH)

B.) Take the first two letters of your last name. (Ex: JONES = JO)

C.) Combine answers from steps A and B. (Ex: JOH+ JO= JOHJO)


Thank you.


Pre-Tutorial Questionnaire


Link to tutorial

Post-Tutorial Questionnaire