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Welcome to the UConn Integrative Medicine Website!

An introduction to integrative medicine topics,
and pertinent evidence-based literature.

A selective project initiated by Amy Tolsdorf, MSIV 
Advisor: Mary Guerrera, MD


This site is meant to be a source of information regarding integrative medicine for the UConn Community, particularly for UConn medical students. Integrative medicine is an inclusive approach to medicine, in which evidence-based allopathic medicine is combined with evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine, thus maximizing opportunities for a holistic approach to patient care.

 This site contains a basic introduction to some main topics, including those that you see on the tabs above: nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, herbal medicine, ayurveda, naturopathy, and homeopathy.  As each of these topics are vast, and cannot be done justice by this website, I hope they will at least provide an introduction.

Furthermore, some of the topics adressed on this site, such as homeopathy and naturopathy, are works in progress. This site is a framework for future expansion. It is my hope that this website will be built and improved upon by the UConn medical school Integrative Medicine Interest Group for years to come!

Furthermore, a primary aim of this project is to focus on evidence-based medicine as it relates to complementary and alternative medicine healing modalities. Therefore, an effort has been made to provide links to articles from core clinical journals relating to topics of interest.

Please reference links to pertinent articles on each page.

Lastly, you will note that there is also a “Resources” tab located above on the top navigation bar. Here you will find useful links to educational resources regarding CAM topics, including a link to UConn's "PICIM" page (Programs in Complementary and Integrative Medicine), which displays information regarding the current faculty here at UConn who are involved with integrative and complementary medicine research and education.