Supplemental Computer-Based Instruction in Child Psychiatry

Thanks for taking the time to help me with my selective project! Here is a summary of the project.

Description / Purpose This is my 4th year selective project where I created a computer-based case about autism and other common developmental disorders that will hopefully supplement learning in child psychiatry and pediatrics during medical school and residency. Students receive very little to no exposure to child psychiatry during the clerkship years and often lack formal instruction about developmental disorders like autism. Students will be asked to review the case and complete a pre and post questionnaire to identify changes in knowledge after going through the case. The project will also examine the effectiveness of computer-based learning in expanding and reviewing key topics during medical training.

Your Involvement Participation in this study and completing a pre and post questionnaire is voluntary and there will be no incentive, reward, or identifying information. Failure to participate will have no bearing on your standing as a medical student or resident. You may skip any questions for any reason without repercussion. Completed questionnaires will imply consent for the study.

  • Login to the project below using a unique name (momís maiden name + the number of the street you live on - Example: toher811)
  • You will then take a brief pre-survey, go through the case, and end with a similar post-survey.
  • It will take about 30-40 minutes depending on your use of links.

Thanks for your help! Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Study Coordinator: Erin Milne, MSIV, UConn School of Medicine
Contact Information:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Catherine Lewis, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, UConn
Contact Information: 860-679-8395 or

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