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Thank you for visiting this Splinting Tutorial. This was created as part of a fourth year selective project to determine the efficiency of different teaching modalities. It was designed to teach the fundamentals of emergent splinting techniques in a concise manner. The tutorial should take approximately 30-40 minutes to read through in detail. This is a completely voluntary activity and in no way will count for anything. If any part of this tutorial makes you uncomfortable please skip it.

Please take the Pre-survey BEFORE beginning the tutorial and the Post-survey AFTER you have completed Case 5. These surveys are located on Blackboard.

If you are already logged into Blackboard just click on the link on the Sidebar for the Pre-survey or Postsurvey and begin. If you are not logged in it will ask for your login and then take you to the appropriate test.

Please contact Alise Frallicciardi at ( if there are any problems accessing the surveys or if it says you are not enrolled. Please contact Alise Frallicciardi or the selective advisor Dr. Tom Regan ( if there are any other questions, issues, or suggestions.

Thanks again and enjoy.