Project Description This is a student selective project which contains two child neurology cases for medical students and residents. The purpose of this project is to increase expose of child neurology topics and see if there is a format preference which promotes independent learning. We will also investigate differences in clinical reasoning of medical students from different years.

Instructions Your participation in this project is voluntary and anonymous. You may skip any questions in the surveys that you feel uncomfortable answering. By proceeding to the next page and completing the surveys and clinical cases, this will imply that you are consenting to participate in this study.

Youíll need to make up a personal entry code (not your name) to start the survey so that itís anonymous. You can use the first three letters of the name of the street you first lived on and the numerical number of the month you were born followed by your favorite color. For example, Nor07purple. Or anything else creative.

You may use any resources you want to help answer questions in the two cases. Length of the activity will vary depending on how much of the resources you use. Itíll be roughly 40 minutes.

If you are off the UCHC site, you will need your library bar code if you wish to access some of the article links through the proxy.

Thank you for your time and willingness to participate!

Contact Information If you have any questions, please contact:

Student Researcher
Kasia Koziol-Dube MSIV
UConn School of Medicine
Class of 2009

PI Information
Dr. Francis DiMario

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