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Developmental Milestones: A Video Tutorial


Learning normal childhood developmental milestones is an essential element of the pediatric curriculum in medical school.  Assessing development is a key aspect of pediatric primary and specialty care.  In order to recognize developmental pathology, the clinician must be well-versed in normal child development.  This topic is relevant to all medical students, regardless of specialty choice, as it is frequently tested on medical school course exams and national board exams.

"Developmental Milestones: A Video Tutorial" is a student selective project designed to teach medical students about normal childhood developmental milestones through a series of videos.  These videos feature footage of children at various ages, highlighting specific milestones in the following developmental areas: gross motor, fine motor, language and social. The tutorial includes pre- and post-tests with survey questions, as well as knowledge-based questions regarding the content of the tutorial.  The purpose of this tutorial is to assess medical student knowledge of developmental milestones, and to assess the effectiveness of a web-based video tutorial as a teaching tool for this subject matter.


Please complete the tutorial in the following order:

1. Complete the pre-test.

2. View the videos.

3. Complete the post-test.

Your participation in this project is voluntary and anonymous. You may skip any questions in the surveys that you feel uncomfortable answering. Completion of the surveys implies consent to participate in this project.

Thank you for your time!
Margaret Kloby, MSIV, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
PI: Dr. Fred Bogin, Phone number: 860-714-5697

Please complete the pre-test prior to viewing the videos.
In the box below, please enter the first three letters of your elementary school and the first three letters of your father's middle name. This will serve as an anonymous identifier code for your pre- and post-tests. (Example: Union School and James would be entered as UNIJAM).

Please enter your details below


Now that you have finished the pre-test, please view these videos in sequence. In order to view the videos, you must be on the UCHC campus, or have a valid UCHC library barcode (found on the back of your student ID). The videos open in Windows Media Player.

Keep in mind, development is variable. Some children may achieve these milestones at an earlier or later age and still be developmentally normal. It is important to consider achievement of each milestone in the greater context of each patient.

4 months

6 months

9 months

12 months

2 years

3 years

4 years

Now that you have finished viewing the videos, please complete the post-test.
In the box below, please enter the same anonymous identifier code used for the pre-test. (First three letters of your elementary school and the first three letters of your father's middle name.)

Please enter your details below

For more information:

If you would like to read more about child development, please consult these resources:

Kliegman, Robert, and Waldo E. Nelson. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. Philadelphia: Saunders, 2007.

Custer, Jason W., and Rachel E. Rau. The Harriet Lane Handbook: a Manual for Pediatric House Officers. Philadelphia, PA: Mosby/Elsevier, 2009.

Bright Futures

Information for parents from the CDC