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Echocardiography: An Introduction to Reading Echocardiograms and Commonly Encountered Pediatric Cardiac Anomalies

Selective Project by Molly Naples, MSIV

Welcome to my tutorial page! The purpose of this online tutorial is to increase the student's knowledge of echocardiography as a diagnostic tool, and to provide an introduction to common pediatric abnormalities through images and a series of clinical case questions. My hope is to provide a straightfoward introduction to two topics that you will be frequently exposed to in your career, as well as on board examinations. The entire project consists of a multiple choice question pre-test, followed by an online tutorial, and a multiple choice question post-test.

The tests and tutorial will not be timed. Once you complete the pre-test, you may complete the tutorial at your own pace, and then you may complete the post-test. If you decide to complete everything, it should take you around 30 minutes.

Please note that participation is voluntary and you may choose not to answer any question on the tests for any reason. Your confidentiality will be protected and any data that you provide in the survey will be collected anonymously by the Questionmark server. Completion and return of the module with the pre and post tests completed signifies your consent to participate in this study.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is:, and my phone number is 860-248-0000. The principle investigator for this project is Dr. Dan Henry (email:, phone number: 860-679-3821).



Please use Internet Explorer as the tutorial does not operate correctly on Google Chrome or Firefox. Thank you.

Please complete the pre-test first. You may then proceed through the online tutorial, and upon completion, close the window to return to this page. You may then complete the post-test.

Please create a unique code that includes the first 3 letters of your mother's maiden name plus the first 2 letters of your favorite color to allow the pre-test survey to be linked to the post-test survey answers for statistical analysis. For example, if your mother's maiden name is "Smith" and your favorite color is "Blue", your code would be "Smibl". By creating this code, the tests will not be linked to you as an individual. Please do not type any identifiable information in the space below.

Thank you.




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