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The Efficacy of Online Learning in US Medical Students

Selective Project by Si Hyung Woo (David) MSIV


Dear UConn Medical Student,
Welcome to my tutorial webpage on Hypothermia Diagnosis and Management! I am a fourth year medical student at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine doing research as part of a selective project required for graduation. The principal investigator for this study is: Dr. Thomas Regan in the UConn Department of Emergency Medicine.

The title of this study is “The Efficacy of Online Learning in US Medical Students”. I am studying the efficacy of online tutorials in its ability to educate US medical students on medical concepts and also studying its effects on long term retention of health topics covered in the tutorial. This specific study will teach students basic concepts in hypothermia diagnosis and management which is not covered in great detail in our curriculum.

As a UConn Medical Student, You are invited to participate in this study. Your participation is voluntary and your performance will be protected in a confidential manner through a customized, random code you will be assigned to as a form of identification. If you chose to participate, please complete and submit the pre-test.  Then enter the online tutorial. After completion of the tutorial please complete the post test.  In approximately one month from the time when the tutorial is completed, an email will be sent out directing you to another post test which is an identical test as the ones you have previously taken for you to complete.  While complete tests will provide better data, you may skip questions that you feel uncomfortable answering. Your response to these three tests and online tutorial should take a total of 40 minutes. Completion and submission of the pre-test signifies your consent to participate in the study.

I appreciate your participation in this research study. For any questions regarding the study, please feel free to email me at or call me at 860-484-9271 or contact the principal investigator at Regan@NSO.UCHC.EDU or 860-679-3504.

Thank you.


Si Hyung Woo (David) MSIV
Student investigator

Thomas Regan MD
Principal investigator 



Please use Internet Explorer as the tutorial does not operate correctly on Google Chrome or Firefox. Thank you.


Link to tutorial