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Welcome to the MAX Medicine tutorial

in type II diabetes

A case based approach to the application of evidence-based medicine in the

practice and management of type II diabetes mellitus in the MAX medicine curriculum

A selective project initiated by Shubha Venkatesh, MSIV
Advisor: Ellen O. Nestler, MD

This online tutorial is meant to be a source of information as well as a learning tool regarding type II diabetes and pertinent clinical guidelines for third year medical students as part of the MAX curriculum in Medicine.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has become an important component of medical education for both medical students and practicing physicians. During residency and in practice, physicians constantly ask clinical questions, interpret medical literature, and apply their findings to the care of individual patients.

Type II diabetes mellitus has an enormous disease burden in the United States, with almost 8% of the population carrying a diagnosis. 2007 estimates from the Centers for Disease Control placed about 6.8% of the population of Hartford County as individuals having type II diabetes. The disease remains a confusing one to third year medical students.

This online tutorial was created as part of a fourth year selective project. Goals of this tutorial include helping third year medical students become more familiar and comfortable with caring for patients with type II diabetes. More detailed goals include addressing the major clinical guidelines pertaining to the:

  • diagnosis of type II diabetes
  • prevention of type II diabetes
  • management of type II diabetes

How to use this site:

  • the tabs on the HORIZONTAL TOOLBAR will help you navigate various cases which are titled to reflect the topic of the case at hand
  • you do not have to complete these cases sequentially although it might be helpful to start with tab "DIAGNOSIS"
  • once you are within a case, you can NAVIGATE BACK TO THAT CASE by clicking on the corresponding horizontal toolbar tab
  • once you enter the cases, you will notice a red toolbar on the left hand side of the page, this will help you navigate the various guidelines and resources
  • you can jump around to these resources as is helpful to you and access them independently of the cases
  • once within a case, you will notice various words highlighted and underlined; highlighted text are important facts, underlined text will take you to another section within the website to help you learn more