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A Student's Guide to Rheumatologic Disease and Joint Exams

Vikram Shenoy, MS4

Hello Everyone!

I am a 4th year medical student creating a learning module as part of a project required for graduation. The principal investigator for this study is Dr. John Waterman (, a rheumatologist at the Newington VA. The title of this study is "A Student's Guide to Rheumatologic Disease and Joint Exams". I am assessing students' ability to recognize and work-up various diseases in the field of rheumatology and ability to perform proper joint exams while understanding physical exam findings.

You are invited to participate in this study and participation is voluntary.

If you choose to participate, please complete the survey in the link BEFORE opening the module. Once complete, please open the module to begin learning! The module has multiple sections, and you DO NOT need to complete them all. Once you have explored the module, please complete the post-survey questions. Your response to these questions should take less than 2 minutes to complete. Completion and return of this survey signifies your consent to participate in this study. You will remain anonymous and no data commected will be linked to your identity. Please do not submit your name in the survey.

I appreciate your participation in this research study. For any questions regarding the study, please feel free to contact me at

Vikram Shenoy, MS4

John Waterman, MD



Please use Internet Explorer as the tutorial does not operate correctly on Google Chrome or Firefox. Thank you.

Unique Code:

Please create a unique code that includes the first 3 letters of your favorite food plus the first 3 letters of the street you grew up on to allow the pre-tutorial questionnaire to be linked to the post-tutorial questionnaire answers for statistical analysis. For example, if your favorite food is pizza and your street name is Main St, your login would be piz+mai=pizmai. By creating this code, the tests will not be linked to you as an individual. Please do not type any identifiable information in the space below.

Thank you.


Pre-Module Survey


Link to Learning Module

Post-Module Survey