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University of Connecticut Health Center - Know Better Care Medical Spanish Tutorials

Medical Spanish Tutorials

The Department of Family Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine was awarded a Title VII Predoctoral Educational HRSA grant in 2007. One of the projects in this grant proposed the development of a three level Medical Spanish Course for the medical/dental students. We have developed a curriculum that allows students who enter medical/dental school with little or no Spanish language proficiency to build the necessary skill to converse effectively with patients in health care settings. Our goal is not absolute fluency, but proficiency sufficient to establish good rapport with patents, and to do effective patient education in Spanish.

Students prepare for each class by studying and reviewing online modules. The classes are conducted as workshops. These modules are intended for educational purposes only. These modules are provided free of charge, as long as proper acknowledgment is made. They are not intended for use in any profit-making ventures/activities.

Contact Information:

Kenia Mansilla Rivera,MD
Director, Medical Student Education
Department of Family Medicine
University of Connecticut School of Medicine


We thank HRSA for providing the funds for this project. The project was made a reality thanks to the hard work of many people. We thank everybody that made this possible.

Principal Investigator for this grant:
David Henderson, MD.

Special thanks to:
Patricio Bruno, DO,
Joshua Simon,
Yanko Michea, MD PhD, and
Timberley Barber.